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About Sharanam Transformative Learning
We all know that our teams are our biggest strength. But with AI and automation getting all the attention, a pressing question keeps coming to mind: How do we tap into our team's strengths and grow together?

The solution is quite simple - by enhancing the unique capabilities that set our teams apart. 

Here at SkillsCorp, we recognise how crucial certain people skills can be in your growth journey. That's why our top priority is to equip your teams with the skills they need to help you thrive in today’s business landscape.


We focus on key soft skills like productivity, creativity, communication, collaboration, and leadership - skills that many companies struggle to find in their teams.

Despite the struggle many companies place training at the bottom of their to-do list. Big mistake! especially if yours is a people-centric business.

If you have doubts about the value of soft skills training, consider this: Research shows that soft skills training in problem-solving, interpersonal communication, and decision-making can boost productivity and retention by 12% and deliver a 250% return on investment (ROI) to the company. Not just that, leaders with strong soft skills can increase their team's performance by up to 30%. Impressive, right?

Today soft skills are no ordinary skills, they are in fact power skills. They can give you the engaged, top-performing workforce you've always dreamed of. If you're serious about your team and your company, soft skills training should be right up there on your priority list.

Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, if you find yourself grappling with any soft skill challenges, we're here to guide and support you. We bring about genuine transformation within your teams and make learning an enjoyable experience for them. Through our training, they can reshape their thinking, overcome self-limiting beliefs, and adopt new behaviors and habits that set them and their organization on the path to progress.

So, why not let us be your partner in growth?

Sharanam Transformative Learning Vision

Our Vision

SkillsCorp is anchored in its core belief that learning is a life-long phenomenon and every human being has infinite potential to innovate, grow and succeed through conscious and continuous learning.

Our Mission

SkillsCorp is on a mission to empower individuals, organizations and communities through learning engagements, experiences and exploration.

Why Choose SkillsCorp?

At SkillsCorp, we're not just offering training; we're offering a complete transformation. When you choose us, you're not just getting a program – you're getting a growth partner.

We are here to initiate meaningful change by combining the right expertise and resources.

And, we’ll walk beside you every step of the way to help you build the capabilities you are aiming for.

Tailor Training, Your Way

At SkillsCorp, we put you in charge. We work closely with experts and research to create top-notch training. You get to decide what skills are taught, when, and how. We make sure it fits your team’s requirements and your business goals. 

Hands-On Learning

Learning at SkillsCorp isn't about memorizing stuff; it's about embracing new habits and ways of thinking. Our training methods are engaging, practical, and enjoyable. We get you ready for the real world.

Certification of Completion

On successful completion of the learning program, you have the opportunity to earn industry-recognized professional certifications. Additionally, you can even team up with SkillsCorp for a joint certification option. It's all about recognizing your achievements.

Continued Support

We recognize that forming new habits takes time. That's why we offer coaching and consultations to reinforce the mindset and habits you've acquired through our training. We'll also guide you on creating a work environment that is conducive to achieve your training goals.

Trainers, You Can Trust

Trainers at SkillsCorp are subject-matter specialists who have multiple years of work experience in their respective industry domains. They're certified and qualified to teach and assess. Don't worry, you're in capable hands!

Measure Your Success

We understand organizations want to make sense of the investment they make in training their teams. That’s why we employ evidence-based assessment. This way you can evaluate and optimize your return on investment (ROI).

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