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Think about the best manager you've ever had – they were probably calm and confident?

Instead of giving orders, they guided you towards your goals, right?

They were the kind of people who deeply resonated with their organization's vision and inspired everyone with their actions.


Now, picture if every single manager in your organization possessed these qualities. Think about the incredible positive impact they could have on your entire workforce.


But, let's be honest – not every manager fits this ideal picture. Some merely play the role of a supervisor or an authority figure, instead of being a true leader.


However, we also need to realise that sometimes, managers might need a bit of help to develop those crucial leadership skills.


That's precisely what we're here to help you with.

Leadership Skills
Leadership Skills

SkillsCorp’s Leadership Training can transform your managers into the leaders your team truly deserves.


We don’t just preach leadership to your managers; we make them experience it through real-world scenarios.


This hands-on approach helps them understand what their team expects and where they fall short. 


And rest assured, the skills we impart don’t disappear overnight.


We ensure your manager truly internalises these skills, much like a skilled samurai whose shield becomes an integral part of him, and keeps him ready to face any challenge.

At the end of this training program, you can expect your team to:
  • Express your ideas confidently, ensuring everyone understands your expectations.

  • Address workplace conflicts constructively, promoting harmony and productivity within the team.

  • Guide and nurture your team members, facilitating their professional growth and development.

  • Provide and receive helpful feedback, encouraging a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

  • Build stronger, more cohesive teams that work together towards common goals.

  • Understand and manage diverse personalities and generational differences within your team.

  • Create a positive workplace culture that supports employee engagement and well being.

Leadership Skills



Assertiveness is finding the perfect balance between being too pushy and being a pushover. And if there is one skill that is highly recommended for all leaders it would be this one. In this module, we'll guide your managers through the art of assertiveness, helping them understand what true assertiveness is and how to apply it in different situations. They'll learn to communicate with clarity and confidence without coming across as aggressive.

Conflict Resolution

Conflicts are a part of any workplace. No matter how careful you are, they’re bound to happen. But here's the thing: conflicts don't always have to disturb your peace. In fact conflict can be opportunities for growth provided your managers have the right skills to handle them.. This module will equip your managers with skills they need to navigate heated moments or disagreements with ease.

Coaching and Mentoring

Times have evolved and so have our expectations from managers. They can’t be just bosses who go around giving orders. They must assume the roles of collaborator, coach, and mentor but many managers are still catching up with these new roles. This module will support your managers with skills they need to become what their teams truly desire.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Feedback is a very important part of a manager's skill set. It's not just Gen Z who insists on it but every member of your team craves feedback. Why? Because it tells them where they are doing great and where there's room to improve..But here’s the thing: Managers shouldn't just give feedback; they should be open to receiving it too. It's supposed to be a two-way learning process. This module will teach them the art of giving and receiving helpful feedback.

Team Building and Collaboration

A great team doesn't just come to life — it's the result of the manager's ability to bring people together for common goals.This demands skills like building relationships, understanding emotions, and recognizing strengths and weaknesses. But that's not all. Team building activities also provide opportunities for identifying potential future leaders within your organization.  This module will equip your managers with all those essential skills that will help them build a high performing team.

Managing Different Generations & Personalities

If you've had a look at your entire workforce there are probably five generations working with you, each bringing their unique personalities and preferences to work. If your manager is unable to understand what works with a particular generation and what doesn’t, they are probably signing up for trouble. This module will decode the characteristics and dive into the strategies that can help your managers lead effectively.

Building Organisation Climate & Culture

Your team has great skills but if your workplace culture is toxic, it can make people lose interest in their jobs or worse, push them to leave. This module will guide you towards creating an environment where every team member feels appreciated and supported for what they bring to the table. It ensures that they not only actively contribute but also choose to stay and grow with your organization.

Are you ready to take your leadership team to the next level? Let's get in touch and make the transformation happen.

Training Details

Duration: The entire training will take approximately 8 to 16 hours. Based on customisation hours will differ.


There are several ways you can experience this training : Online/Offline/Blended

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Would you like us to customize our solutions to suit your specific requirements?

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