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Our Team

Prashant Pillai | Founder & Lead Trainer Sharanam Transformative Learning Ahmedabad
Prashant Pillai

Founder & Lead Trainer

Prashant Pillai recognized early on in his professional life the pivotal role people play in shaping a business's destiny. He founded SkillsCorp in his quest to empower businesses by nurturing their best teams because he believes that when you invest in the growth of your people, you invest in the growth of your business. A seasoned people skills trainer and consultant, he has more than 20 years of experience working with small and big organisations and has delivered bespoke solutions that have truly transformed his clients and their teams. What sets him apart is that he draws inspiration from the wisdom of ancient scriptures and their scientific applications, which he incorporates into his training as well as other aspects of his life. More about this can be explored on his page Bodhishankara. In addition to his professional endeavors, he actively leads a networking community set up exclusively for edupreneurs called Edupreneur Success Community (ESC). ESC  aims to help edupreneurs create inspired wealth, wealth that is used for personal and societal well-being. Being a visionary edupreneur he is always keen on empowering the entrepreneurial community, a vision he continues to fulfil through SkillsCorp.

Shruti Nair | Research Associate at Prashant Pillai | Founder & Lead Trainer Sharanam Transformative Learning Ahmedabad
Shruti Nair

R&D Assistant

Shruti Nair has always been driven by a passion for creating positive change. Her passion led her to become a dedicated researcher, which allowed her to dive deep and uncover knowledge that not only enriched her own understanding of things but also benefited others. She honed her research skills in institutions like IIT Gandhinagar and IIM Ahmedabad, where she assisted faculty members in their research pursuits. However, Shruti chose to step out of the academic world and join SkillsCorp. SkillsCorp's mission, which focuses on empowering businesses through valuable training and support, deeply resonated with her. Today, Shruti leverages her research expertise to gain profound insights into the contemporary challenges faced by businesses. She uses these insights to create training content and solutions that are not just relevant but also highly effective. With Shruti as part of our team, our clients can be confident that they are partnering with professionals who are not only well versed with their needs but are genuinely invested in their well being. 

Jalpa Bhatt | Consulting Psychologist
Jalpa Bhatt

Consulting Psychologist 

Jalpa Bhatt is a RCI recognized clinical psychologist who is passionately working to support individual well-being and mental health. At SkillsCorp, she shares her expertise in creating assessment tools that help us understand the learning styles, personality types, and aptitudes of our participants. Her insights play a pivotal role in the making of unparalleled training programs. In addition to her role in assessment, Jalpa also serves as a compassionate counsellor and offers personal development counselling to individuals. Her profound understanding of psychological principles and her commitment to individual growth make her an invaluable asset to our team.

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