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If poor communication can spell disaster in a relationship, imagine what it can do to a company composed of individuals from diverse backgrounds with varying communication styles.


Here are some unmistakable signs that a company might be grappling with communication issues: Higher error rates, delayed projects, damaged relationships, demoralized teams, unhappy customers, business losses.


If you're nodding your head to any of the above, it's time to take action.

Communication Skills
Communication Skills | Ahmedabad

Communication, you see, is more than just the exchange of information. It's the key to aligning your entire team with your company's mission and values.


But here's the truth: not everyone is born with the innate talent of communicating effectively.


The good news however is that communication is a skill, and like any skill, it can be cultivated and honed over time.


With the right training and practice, your team too can improve their communication skills.


Our team, at SkillsCorp, has delved deep into the most common workplace communication challenges and has developed simple and practical modules that can help your team become pro- communicators.

At the end of this training program, you can expect your team to:
  • Understand instructions clearly and respond accurately, reducing errors and misunderstandings.

  • Create engaging presentations, ensuring their messages leave a lasting impact on their audience.

  • Ask the right questions to clarify doubts, leading to better task execution and less confusion in the workplace.

  • Gain the ability to persuade and influence others positively, resulting in successful client relationships and stakeholder support.

  • Enhance their English language skills for professional purposes,

  • Master online etiquette, ensuring professionalism in every digital interaction.

  • Bridge cultural gaps and collaborate effectively in diverse teams.

Communication Skills


Active Listening

Are you tired of tasks going wrong due to misinterpreted instructions or sales falling short due to missed customer needs? It's time to put an end to ineffective listening. Our module will transform your team into attentive listeners, ensuring they grasp messages clearly and respond effectively.

Crafting Compelling Presentations

We've all suffered through dull, forgettable presentations. But your team doesn't have to be part of that crowd. This module equips your team with the skills to organize ideas, captivate with visuals, and speak confidently, so that their message sticks with their audience.

Effective Questioning Skills

Confusion and lack of clarity in the workplace is a common woe, but the solution is sometimes as simple as asking the right questions. This module ensures your team learns the art of effective questioning, ensuring they have all the information needed to excel in their tasks.

Persuasion and Influence

Whether it's winning over clients or gaining stakeholder support, persuasion and influence is a skill your team ought to have mastered. In this module they will discover the techniques to make people say "yes" to their ideas and build lasting relationships.

Business English

Sometimes the most common communication problems stem simply from poor English proficiency. This module is all about improving your team’s English for business purposes and includes basic grammar and vocabulary, and business writing skills. Your team will find itself well versed to communicate confidently in any professional setting.

Digital Communication Etiquette

As we increasingly find ourselves shifting to online platforms for conducting business, online etiquette is no longer a nice to have skill but a necessity. This module covers the dos and don'ts of online communication, ensuring your team comes across as competent and professional in every online interaction.

Cross Cultural Communication

Diversity is a strength, but it can pose significant challenges if we're not mindful of cultural differences in language, behavior, and communication. This module equips your team with the skills to navigate these differences, ensuring smooth interactions with everyone involved.

Don't let poor communication hold your organization back any longer. Let's collaborate and achieve those remarkable results together.

Training Details

Duration: The entire training will take approximately 8 to 16 hours. Based on customisation hours will differ.


There are several ways you can experience this training : Online/Offline/Blended

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Would you like us to customize our solutions to suit your specific requirements?

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