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Our Methodology

We get it. Training programs often seem like a shot in the dark. You invest time, money, and energy, only to see the effects fizzle out. But here’s where we would like to differ. We don’t just aim to train; we aim to transform, and more importantly, make that transformation last.

Best Soft Skills Training in Ahmedabad

How do we do it?

Creative Thinking

We don't believe in bombarding people with loads of information. Our focus is engagement. We challenge our participants to reflect deeply about their existing thinking patterns. It's not just about telling them what to do; it's about sparking a shift in their thinking.

Productivity Course

We throw them into real-life scenarios. Picture this: your employees facing situations they encounter in their workplace every day. It's like a rehearsal, but in a safe environment. By experiencing the consequences of their choices firsthand, they learn what textbooks alone won’t provide.

Soft Skills Training

Throughout the training, participants are continuously learning and unlearning. They unlearn the old, limiting beliefs and make room for new, valuable learnings. It's a continuous exploration until they have that "Aha, so that’s how it works!" moment. That moment of clarity is a turning point in their training.

And that’s not all!

We understand that change doesn't happen overnight. It requires ongoing support. Through post-training coaching, we ensure that the newly acquired behaviors and skills become an integral part of who they are and flourish in a supportive work environment.

And most importantly no fancy jargon, no complex theories. We communicate in a language that everyone understands. Our goal is for every participant, from the freshest recruit to the most seasoned executive, to connect with our message on a personal level.

Now, what are these activities and exercises we keep mentioning?

Reflection Sessions

In the training journey reflection sessions offer moments of quiet contemplation. They allow participants to pause, look back on their experiences, and discover their strengths and areas for improvement. It's like a personal check-in to help them grow.

Case Studies and Problem Solving

Case studies are like solving  puzzles of the business world. Participants dive into real or hypothetical business situations, analyzing challenges, devising solutions and refining their problem-solving skills along the way.

Debates and Discussions

Who doesn't enjoy a lively conversation. But these debates and discussions are focused purely on business topics. Participants engage in passionate discussions, and the purpose is to not just talk but embrace diverse viewpoints and broaden one’s horizon.

Role Playing

Think of role playing as acting out scenes from a workday. Participants step into different roles and rehearse for real work situations. It’s like a mini-play where they explore different perspectives, enhancing their empathy, communication, and problem-solving skills.


Demonstrations are similar to a cooking show, here instead of a recipe, soft skills are being mastered. Trainers act as expert chefs, showcasing effective techniques. Participants watch, learn, and see exactly how things are done, just like when following a recipe.

Team Building Activities

We are sure you are no stranger to team building activities. These activities are carefully designed to strengthen teamwork, trust, and communication among team members. It is like a fun day out with friends, but with valuable teamwork lessons.

Business Game Simulation

Business Game Simulation is like playing a strategic board game. Participants make decisions as if they're running a real company, facing market challenges and competitors. It offers a safe space where they experience successes and failures and enhance their strategic thinking.

In Basket Technique

The in basket techniques are very interesting in nature. Think of this like a manager’s inbox, but in a controlled environment. Participants deal with a set of tasks and priorities, simulating real work pressures. It’s a practical exercise that hones their time management and decision-making skills.

Peer Feedback

Imagine a supportive friend giving honest advice. That's what peer feedback is all about. Participants provide feedback to their peers, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement. It’s a valuable learning experience, promoting self-awareness and personal growth in a friendly environment.

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